Unfiltered Facial Care Set | All Skin Types Facial Care Set | Unfiltered Skincare Kit | Ultra Moisturizing Body Lotion for Dry Skin Care
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Unfiltered Facial Care Set | All Skin Types Facial Care Set | Unfiltered Skincare Kit | Ultra Moisturizing Body Lotion for Dry Skin Care

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This Facial Care Set has four amazing face cleansing cloths that are perfect for any skin type. They are also suitable for sensitive skin because they are natural and made from silk. The set comes with a facial wash, an active enzyme serum, and a facial cream. The set is perfect for all skin types because it has different variations.

The Unfiltered Facial Care Set is a package of three facial products made with natural ingredients. This facial care set includes four cleansers to cleanse your face, remove makeup, and remove unwanted impurities. It's infused with the nutrients your skin needs to look its best and keeps your skin youthful.

⭐ Features:

⦿ Gluten-free for the ultimate self-care experience.
⦿ Hyaluronic acid gives your skin all the hydration it needs daily.
⦿ An ultra-hydrating daily moisturizer that's loaded with antioxidants.

#UNFILTERED is our answer to all your skin cleansing problems. Show yourself some skin love and break away from all of the filters!

-#UNFILTERED doesn't strip the skin. Isn't drying. And does a phenomenal job of keeping things dirt, sweat, makeup and grime free.

-Oh yeah, and it has a special ingredient: fermented pomegranate enzymes! These enzymes are everything you would want from AHA's. But with the added bonus of all the anti-aging supportive factors from the pomegranate.

-Non-sensitizing, gentle and wonderfully effective, they're our new favorite way to get rid of dead skin.

#UNFILTERED also has
-MSM to help restore damaged tissue.
-MSM and Panthenol to repair, hydrate and brighten. By the time your skin has been exfoliated, these guys have already gone to work.
-Organic aloe to hydrate and tone.
--And coconut-based soap for a gentle cleanse that doesn't strip.

Instead of common AHA's, it features fermented pomegranate enzymes that do more than just eat away dead skin cells. Because of the fermentation process, all of the pomegranate's active compounds are available to your skin! It's a gentle exfoliant and anti aging ingredient all in one.

Our proprietary blend of plant extracts provides additional antioxidants and botanical protection. Seaweed delivers much-needed minerals and polysaccharides. And cold-pressed plant oils moisturize and soothe.

The smell of UNFILTERED is essential oil based and reminds us of a citrus-blossom filled paradise (seriously).

#UNFILTERED Active Enzyme Serum is an anti-aging serum- that also exfoliates. And it does it gently and with perfect precision, thanks to our fantastic pomegranate enzyme ferment!
MSM rebuilds and repairs. Seaweed nourishes and strengthens. Rosehip seed softens. Aloe tightens and tones. And reishi mushroom keeps everything fortified against the aging dangers of stress.

Suspended in our 100% natural serum base, #NOFILTER Active Enzyme Serum is gentle enough for those with sensitive skin.

And effective enough for those who can only use it once or twice a week.