Bath Salt Soaks
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Bath Salt Soaks

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Pure, Mineral Rich Foaming Bath Salts for relaxation that delivers a great wellness boosting baths to enhance your well-being. These wholesale bath salts are untouched by pollutants and microplastics making them more pure and potent than a typical processed epsom salt. These bath salts produce a "feel-good" aroma of light lemon and florals for a surprising bath experience distinct from your normal relaxation bath products.
The soaking salt is the perfect go-to when in need of a moment of pure relaxation and calmness. When mixed with water, the powerful scented salt (Customization available for unscented bath salt) creates an inviting and delightful aroma to carry your mind into a state of calm and peace.

✦ Product Name: Premium Foaming Bath Salt Body Soaking Relax And Relief
✦ Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt, essential oils, Vitamin E oil, Natural, Vegan
✦ Scented or Unscented: Yes
✦ Soothing Formula: Yes
✦ Vegan & Relaxing: Yes

★ This bath soak is the perfect remedy after a long day as a treatment for the body and mind.
★ A 20-minute relaxing bath is the perfect pampering solution to recover from a long day and turn in to a relaxing bath experience.
★ Lavender & chamomile, Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Cucumber Melon, Rose Petal and Vanilla bean choices for scented bath salt makes it a wonderful choice for aromatherapy and meditation.
★ Essential oils in soaking bath salts provides rejuvenating feeling for high-quality body recovery & smooth skincare. Enjoyable spa-level treatment at your home
★ When your product arrives feel to free to add dries flowers/fruit, your signature fragrance, and/or color to give your customers their very own unique experience.