Body Scrubs, Polish, & Mask

Proper exfoliation is extremely important in maintaining healthy, youthful skin. Our body scrubs and polishes For Face and Body Exfoliator does its job. Both are Loaded with vitamin A and and plenty of other skin nutrients which can help reduce acne and prevent blemishes by reducing inflammation and encouraging cell turnover (natural exfoliation).

★ Helps Repair Skin Tissue & Fight Against Sun Damage

★ Helps Flush Out Excessive Oil & Keeps Skin Toxin Free

★ Helps Prevent Uneven Skin Tone

★ Helps Detox skin

★ Helps brighten skin and reduce dark spots

Whether you choose to use this spa natural carrotbody scrub or polish as a face scrub or body exfoliator unique ingredients will help to make your body feel supple, soft and smooth♥